I adore working with my voice.

Every commercial, script, documentary needs a specific approach. I like the challenge of finding the right atmosphere, style and feel with my voice. Warm, energetic or serious, “hard core” promo or storytelling. I’m trained to shape my voice overs exactly to what the customer needs.

I’ve done numerous national radio and television commercials. You can hear my voice on several corporate movies, or e-learning. You will hear my voice on the audioguide of the museum you are visiting.

How I work :

1. Send me an email in which you describe the job you would like me to do.
2. If possible give some details about :
- the medium (radio, television, web,…) ?
- the type (commercial, audioguide, e-learning,…) ?
- the audience (regional, national,…) ?
- the budget
3. We will send you a quote, or we agree on the price.
4. I will make the recording. Usually within 24 hours. If you want to, you can listen in via Skype.
5. We will send you the audio in the format you want.
Recordings are made in our own professional studio Gin Sonic Studio. We only use state of the art equipment.

Neumann microphones
SSL preamps
Apogee Symphony 64 HD converter and system
Genelec monitoring
Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic headphones
These are a few Demo mixes. More on the Voice Demo Page.
CVG Demo Mix Commercial CVG Demo Mix Commercial
CVG_Demo_Mix_CorporateCVG Demo Mix Corporate